Coachman Energy Operating Company

Frank Canepa, President, Coachman Energy Operating Company

Frank Canepa, President

Frank Canepa serves as the President of Coachman Energy Operating Company, providing oversight and operational guidance for the CEOC-operated drilling, development, and production activities.

Mr. Canepa’s initial introduction to the oil and gas industry was with Chinook Pipeline Construction Services followed by six years with the Western Company of North America delivering cementing and pressure pumping (stimulation) services to operators throughout the Rocky Mountain Region. He later joined Core Data Products, a division of Core Labs and Western Geophysical, where he provided specialized data services merging reservoir engineering, geophysical, wire line and core sample data for field production analysis and secondary/tertiary recovery programs. His background includes royalty interest management, and digital data capture systems for field operations and production management, including Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) programs for the oil and gas and mining industries.